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No one plans to fall victim to spinal cord injury paralysis. The sudden and always unexpected nature of such a debilitating injury brings with it many urgent, immediate needs and expenses.

Walking with Anthony helps care for those initial financial emergencies to help people who would have nowhere else to turn to care for even the most basic of tasks and challenges.

That’s why your giving is so crucial; no one knows they’ll need the assistance, but you can make sure Walking with Anthony is ready to help when the need unexpectedly, tragically arises.

spinal cord injury paralysis
The Cost of a Spinal Cord Injury

SCI Rehab Therapy

Recovery from spinal cord injury requires intense rehab to prevent further complications. By strengthening the rest of their bodies, people with an SCI can improve their quality of life.

Complicating the problem, however, is the fact that insurance doesn’t cover this vital therapy.

People with SCI need 10 hours of therapy, at $100-$200 per hour, every week.

Without financial assistance of any kind, most people with an SCI would have to make an impossible choice: pay for therapy that would prevent further injury and complications, or pay the rent and buy groceries.


Walking with Anthony covers the cost of essential rehaB therapy so that people suffering from an SCI can face the enormous challenge of physical recovery with freedom from the relentless financial weight of paying for rehab.

SCI Victims Walking with Anthony sci rehab
SCI Victims Walking with Anthony spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers
SCI Victims Walking with Anthony sci rehabilitation center near me


Getting out of bed. Getting dressed. The things most of us do every day, people suffering from an SCI need assistance to accomplish.

Imagine hiring someone to help you get ready in the morning . . . every day of your life. For people with an SCI, that’s a reality.


Your support of Walking with Anthony helps cover the costs of receiving the necessary care for basic, everyday life. What many of us take for granted are luxuries, and expensive ones, for those who suffer from SCI.

getting help for spinal cord injury paralysis
wheelchair spinal cord injury paralysis

Special Equipment

When people suddenly lose mobility, they find themselves trapped in a world that cannot be navigated without a wheelchair or facilities designed to accomodate a wheelchair. For most people with an Spinal Cord Injuries, that requires not only the purchase of a wheelchair but also a major home rennovation to make basic mobility and function possible for someone in a wheelchair. The cost can be overwhelming, even impossible.

Walking with Anthony helps make wheelchairs, wheelchair accessibility, and other special equipment needs attainable for people with SCI. Your gifts change an otherwise hopeless situation into a life where people with SCI can live, function, and thrive. 

SCI Victims Walking with Anthony
SCI Victims spinal cord injury rehab

Building a Community of Support

For the person who suddenly is afflicted with SCI, for their entire family even, there are usually very few if any people outside of the home who can relate to what they’re going through. Most friends don’t even know where to begin with what to say or how to act. It can be incredibly isolating. After the initial shock of an event, people who don’t live in the same house typically resume their normal lives. That often leaves SCI individuals and their families with the choice either to face the struggle alone or to feel like they’re begging for help, which can be humiliating.

Walking With Anthony has created an ever-growing community of SCI heroes who can look to each other for guidance, emotional support, friendship, and so much more. Anthony and Micki lead the way in providing both compassion and inspiration. In those times when someone just needs to vent or cry, Anthony and Micki are there to listen. And in moments when they need inspiration and a reminder that life with SCI can and will be full of joy and meaning, Anthony and Micki provide that real-life proof that it does get much better.

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