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Brett Gravatt

Name: Brett Gravatt


Hometown: Dunn Loring, VA

Hobbies: Going to the gym to lift weights and Play basketball, Chula Vista Elite Athlete

Date of Injury: 26/12/2014

Level of Injury: Fracture to his #6 Thoracic vertebrate

On Friday, December 26, 2014 Brett was involved in a snowboarding accident that resulted in a facture to his #6 Thoracic vertebrate and a serious injury to his spinal cord. He was taken to the local General Hospital and within an hour airlifted to a University Hospital in Charlottesville, VA. Brett underwent emergency back surgery to stabilize the fracture (2 rods and about 8 screws) late that night. He spent 24 hours in ICU, moved to a step down unit for 24 hours and then moved to the Trauma unit where he spent the next 8 days recovering from surgery. On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, a specialized medical and airlift transport team flew Brett (and his Mom) to Atlanta, GA to begin his road to recovery. Brett is surrounded by and is being cared for by his medical team, family, Penn State Men’s soccer team, his church and friends.

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