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spinal cord injury Victims Walking with Anthony
SCI Victims Walking with Anthony rehab

Our Impact on SCI Victims

It isn’t the initial shock. That memory never leaves you, never gets easier. When you or someone dear to you suffers a spinal cord injury and everything changes, there’s no looking back. If there was one thing we all wish we could do, it’s turn back the clock and prevent the SCI from happening. But that just isn’t reality. Walking With Anthony isn’t focused on the past.

If you’re Walking With Anthony, you’re moving forward in every possible way.

But for people suffering from SCI, that way forward? It feels impossible. Even after a year of rehab, Anthony, like most SCI victims feel more often than it’s comfortable to talk about, didn’t even want help getting his life back. He wanted it to end.

For someone with Spinal Cord Injury, the first obstacle in their way isn’t taking a step forward, it’s looking forward. Anthony was suffering in that mindset a year into rehab, even with the funds his family was able to provide. Even with the best treatment money could buy, looking forward, imagining a future and desiring to claim it and make it his . . . seemed impossible.

Walking With Anthony brought together a community of people with a common pain, a common struggle, a common mission: to redefine recovery from SCI, every day a farther reach, a stronger push, a higher stand.

Now imagine that for the average person with SCI, insurance doesn’t provide a year’s worth of rehab or even a month’s worth of rehab. The average stay in a dedicated rehab facility after an SCI is a meager 12 days. That’s not even two weeks, and not even remotely close to enough.

Can you imagine how it would feel to lose the use of your legs, to lose all or part of the use of your arms and hands, and to get kicked out of your rehab facility before you’ve even managed to relearn how to sit in a wheelchair? Imagine the horror, the hopelessness, the anguish of living in a world where your household income very well may drop to $15,000 or below. Depression is a pervasive problem, on top of everything else, for those with SCI.

SCI Victims Walking with Anthony sci rehab
SCI Victims spinal cord injury rehab
SCI Victims Walking with Anthony sci rehabilitation center near me
SCI Victims Walking with Anthony sci

Walking With Anthony addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial needs of SCI victims. It takes $100,000 to help one person for one year. We realize, more than anyone, what a significant sum that is, which is why we commit to dedicating every dollar donated directly to the needs of our spinal cord injury heroes.

Walking With Anthony brings them the rehab they need, the equipment they need, the care they need, and the response they need to take their lives back. Yes, we know it’s an enormous task. But we also know that together, we’re up to the task.

All it takes is one gift, one share of one story, one more connection of love, hope, and compassion to fill this very moment until the next partner steps up. You’re here in this moment. In the time you’ve spent on this page, one more person has suffered an SCI. Will you help them up? Will you help them look upward and forward? Will you give, whatever you can in this moment, to refuse to accept immobility, inaction, and paralysis.

Thank you in advance for doing what you can. Every single penny you donate, every second of your time, will make a difference in the lives of those who need it.

Our Stories

There are nearly 1 in 50 people living with paralysis – approximately 6 million people. It means that we all know someone — a brother, sister, friend, neighbor, or colleague — living with paralysis. These aren’t strangers. They are only one degree of separation from all of us. But their lives are different. They live with a condition that affects their family life, their ability to work, and their capacity to enjoy even the most routine everyday activities that others take for granted. Their story is our story.

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