Erica: The Hardest Year of My Life

Erica: The Hardest Year of My Life

Erica was a young single mother of two when a car accident left her paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. At Walking With Anthony, we know all too well the trauma this poor girl went through.

When she tearfully says ‘’it was the hardest year of my life’’, you can’t even imagine her pain. Not just the physical pain from her injuries but also the deep emotional pain of trying to cope with this new reality.

Yet for Erica that first year became even harder as her mother and primary caregiver was stricken with an aggressive form of brain cancer. Having lost her mother, and dealing with intense physical pain, the comfort given from all the medicines prescribed — left her with a greater struggle, addiction to pain killers.

This addiction led to her children being temporarily taken from her. Lost and devastated, Erica felt completely alone.

Fortunately for Erica, and only through your generous support, Walking With Anthony was able to provide her with a sense of hope and a new future with her children.

New Hope for Erica

Walking With Anthony provides weekly physical rehabilitation therapy, caregiving services and emotional support. Because of you, Erica knows she is no longer alone in the daily struggle of living with a spinal cord injury.

We can’t do this alone and neither can Erica. Only with your ongoing support are we able to help Erica.

You see, without the daily help of a caregiver, Erica would not be able to get out of bed in the morning. Having a caregiver provides her with the assistance she needs for daily tasks such as brushing her teeth, going to the bathroom, even laundry.

The simple tasks that we take for granted can be great challenges for people suffering with spinal cord injury.

And that is why Walking With Anthony exists! Together, we can make Erica and others like her, stronger, healthier and more independent. Your gift today helps change her tomorrow for the better.

It is only when we have passed through life’s storms, we can see the light. You can help light the way for Erica and others suffering from the debilitating effects of spinal cord injury.

Please give as generously as you can today.

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