Walking with Anthony

Eric Walker

Name: Eric Walker


Date of Injury:

Level of Injury: C5

Mindy Jones Walker told us she cried for 15 minutes when she got the news that the Walking With Anthony foundation was going to help her husband, Eric Walker, continue his recovery at Project Walk. “This lifts a weight off my shoulders that is hard to explain. Thank u sooo much!”

You may have seen Eric’s progress on our blog at SCI Recovery 101 Slideshow. Eric was injured while camping with Mindy (his fiancé at the time) and their children when he broke his neck diving. Diagnosed with a C-5 spinal cord injury, Eric endured basic rehab to get through his first year injured and then focused on getting mentally stronger to adjust to his new life. Losing the function of his “good” hand five years later, Eric understood his need for recovery and met it with passion.

Within two months of recovery at Project Walk, Eric regained function in his wrist. Within three months, he could stand in the standing frame for 30 minutes without getting light-headed. Five months later, Eric is standing in the frame for over an hour with the goal of eventually using the ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton. Eric has evolved from leaning in his electric wheelchair to spending more time in his manual wheelchair maneuvering around his home, in his backyard, on and off his van ramp, etc., holding his head firmly as he now sits straighter and taller because of his new core muscle strength.

Walking With Anthony is helping Eric get weekly rehabilitation and recovery at Project Walk. During the interim, he works out at home. Go Eric!! We are so happy you and Mindy are part of Team Walking With Anthony’s mission to forever change the recovery outcome of spinal cord injury, currently perceived as unchangeable!!

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