Walking with Anthony

Erica Predum

Name: Erica Predum


Date of Injury:

Level of Injury: C3-C7 and T1 & T12

We are proud to introduce you to Walking With Anthony’s September 2014 Blog (Changing SCI Awareness One Blog At A Time) Celebrity of the Month, Erica Predum. Driving with her three year old son when her SUV overturned, Erica says she doesn’t remember much about the accident except trying to stay awake long enough to watch cartoons when he came to visit. Though her son was uninjured, Erica fractured her C3-C7 and T1 & T12, and suffered a C5/6 SCI complete. One of Walking With Anthony’s first SCI celebrities, our September salute came as she seized National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month to inform the world of social media what it is like to live with a spinal cord injury. One of her posts included an eloquent self-portrait with an illustration and map of the spine. Using her own injury as an example, Erica minces no words detailing the differences in the levels of spinal cord injury. Allaying any confusion about the possibilities, her own pregnancy and childbirth after SCI are the subject of another post. She is clearly on a mission to open some eyes to the reality of this life altering injury. Thanks Erica – for keeping it real!

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