Walking with Anthony

Sarah Perez

Name: Sarah Perez


Date of Injury:

Level of Injury: C6-T4

Sarah was in a car accident just 3 weeks before her 10th birthday. Sarah suffered a C6-T4 spinal cord injury. She had very little use of her arms, hands, and core was extremely affected. Sarah started working toward her recovery immediately and she has continued always with a positive attitude stating (4 days into injury) “I love my life and I am going to live my life, there is no other option”.

Sarah has made tremendous progress from not being able to simply sit up on her own, to now return of hands (quite quickly), arms, and extremely strong core, standing at parallel bars with little bracing and to recently walking legs on the treadmill.

Sarah has a strong faith, works a lot independently, and attends Project Walk Atlanta every week and is grateful to all of her trainers.
THANK YOU Walking with Anthony for recognizing Sarah’s great spirit, determination and incredible progress. Thank you for all that you do.

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